4 Things You Need to Know About Storm Damage

“I’m not having any leaks in my roof is just fine.” this is probably the most common statement that we hear amongst homeowners. The problem is a lot of times it’s really hard to tell if you have storm damage. Never-the-less storm damage can have long-term effects on your roof and your home and it is not dealt with as soon as possible there may be nothing you can do about it . Here’s some things to know about storm damage

The different types of storm damage

Several different types have different effects on your roof and your home is a hole. Wind, flood, hail, and fire just to name a few just to name a few have both immediate and long-term effects on your home.

It’s Not Always Visible.

Most of the time when people think of storm damage they think of hurricanes they think of blown off shingles they think of that house looking completely different. But sometimes it’s not always noticeable. Sometimes weeks or even months can go by before you even noticed the effects of the storm damage. That’s why it’s important that if you have storms in your area you should occasionally get our free inspection

It Can Shorten The Lifespan Of Your Roof

Sometimes a storm can just wear the roof down . This can cause leaks and even fire hazards to become more numerous inside of your house . You may not notice until years later when it is more expensive to fix but you’ll be able to tell by yellowing in your ceilings and wall, Smoky smells, and higher AC bills.

It Can Cost You In The Long Run

Water can leak into your house and damage electronics , electricity and air conditioning bills become much higher due to issues with insulation, and by the time you realize that you might need a new roof it could be too late. Often times the longer you wait to make an insurance claim the more difficult the process becomes.

That’s why I free roof inspection is so important to routinely get. While we can’t file an insurance claim for you we can point you in the right direction and we can obtain the proof that you need. Let’s get started!

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